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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Tintagel Castle

Our friends from back home came for a visit recently and we had to take them to our very favorite castle!  In all of the UK, Tintagel is the most striking, most stunning, and most dramatic of all.  It is only ruins, but the landscape, the history, and the imagination makes it for truly the most amazing.

A lovely waterfall makes for a lovely photo backdrop

The walk down to the castle entrance.  I like to pretend I am riding my horse down this road to the castle.  (maybe we have been here a few too many times.)

The water entrance to the castle.  It was also a popular trading port.  Archaeologists have found things here from the med.

The view from the island side of the castle.

The family on a rock...

The entrance to the courtyard and the greathouse.

the view of the safe harbour.

J looking into Merlin's cave.  Tintagel castle is long been attached to the the legends of King Arthur and Merlin.  As is much of the ancient history of England, from this to the standing stone circles, it is all something of a mystery and the more they find out about these places, the more the mystery grows.

As a great finale we have the famous dessert called, "spotted dick."  B had to order it just so she could hear the Brits say it and because we all wondered what it was.

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