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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Fox Hunt

We took our friends out for a nice hike up on the moors the other day and the above is the view we saw after we parked the car and started getting our jackets on.

Then we looked up and saw the above view.  It was cool to see the fox hunt from a distance, but then they ended up running right by us!

Random photo of some nosey horses watching us as we walked by.

So there we were, getting our packs on and they all rode by!  It was so cool.  As the hunting of fox with hounds is completely illegal in the UK, I am assuming that they were doing a "drag hunt" where scent is drug around prior to the hunt.  They pick the scent up and then go a distance before dragging it again.  That way the dogs have to keep picking up the scent.  Apparently it makes the hunt more interesting....

A few of the bad dog hounds stopped at our van and were "scenting" the sandwiches in there instead of the foxes! 

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