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Friday, February 24, 2012

Happy Birthday Baby Bean!

Hank the Tank had his big 3 yesterday! 

He wanted a race car theme, so we did the best we could to accommodate him.  He changed his mind a LOT in the run up.  It was between choo choo trains, race cars, lady bugs, and scooby doo. 

We came up with the idea of having the kids decorate and race cardboard race cars.  We tried to make drivers licenses for all the children, but the chaos got the better of us and it didn't work out.  Trying to orchestrate a party full of three year olds is much like herding a group rabid cats!

The awards table for after the big race.

Dad made 8 cardboard cars for Hanks invitees.  The kids decorated them and then took them outside for the big race.  There were lots of races.  Paul insisted that they had to warm up, then have qualifying, then the race, then the cool down.  The truth of it is that it started with races and then just turned into a melee of 3 year olds running back and forth in their cardboard cars.

Hank didn't really car to put his car on or race.  He wanted to watch the other children.  His father really wanted Hank to take the checkered flag so he went to extreme measures to see that his son won the race! 

We tried to have an awards ceremony afterwards and this was about the closest we got to it.  

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