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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Head Injury

This guy recently got into a fight with the stairs outside. You can decide for yourself how that worked out.  He had a small cut on his head but as cuts on the scalp bleed a load it was kind of hard to get it to stop bleeding. (that and the fact that the kid would NOT stop running and jumping around like a crazy person)   Above is what we managed to figure out to get the poor kid's head to stop dripping blood.  An eye injury pad held on by gauze tied at the back of his head. 
I, personally think he looks kind of cool!

I seriously wonder about my children's pain tolerance levels.  The school reported to me that Sophia had fallen and scratched up her knees up pretty badly.  They bandaged her up but were quick to note that she never cried and was even smiling and laughing when she went to show the teacher her bleeding knees.

They must get this high pain tolerance from their father.
My tough babies!

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  1. Girls likes guys with scares.Hank please becareful.