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Saturday, March 24, 2012


We went to Longleat Safari Park the last weekend!  It starts with a drive through safari.  There is one section filled with chop shop monkeys!  The kids loved this part because the monkeys jump onto your car and ride along.  They seems to enjoy watching you in the car as much as we enjoy watching them.  UNTIL they start taking your car apart!  I swear they are taking the parts of your car and then selling them on ebay!  After we finished this part of the park we had to put part of the car back together!  Crazy monkeys.  The kids thought it was hilarious!

We went on a cruise on the lake and got to feed the sea lions.  We saw two hippos in the water and we stopped the boat to look at them until the hippos started looking at us and opening their mouths to warn us that they would eat our spleens!  Then the boat picked up speed and left the cranky old hippos to themselves.

Once we finished the safari park section we went inside and saw a few animals that we could touch.  Sophia and Hank both got the chance to hold this lovely boa.  Hank couldn't quite hold this big heavy snake up so the guy had to help him out a little bit.

We fed the lorakeets.  Initially the crazy birds swarmed us and freaked the kids out.  There were birds all over our heads and in our hair trying to get to the food.  Soph and Hank both dropped their food.  After everyone calmed down a bit we tried again!  Sophia LOVED it. I tried to pet the birds neck the way my mother pets her bird George's neck.  The lorakeet bit me just like George bites me! Jerk birds!

We also had the chance to hold this wonderful giant cockroach!  Great!

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