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Friday, May 4, 2012

Dover Castle

Spent the day at Dover Castle during our adventure in Canterbury.  It was amazing!  The history of that castle is amazing.  From the iron age, to the Romans, Angles, Normans, William the Conquerer, Henry II, etc etc up to the WWII and the miracle of Dunkirk.  Craziness

Sophia gently escorting her brother over the drawbridge.

Sophia was kind enough to take a photo of her family.

There were wonderful museums that covered the history.  Hank thought it was fantastic to dress up like he was living during WWII. 

The poser in front of one of the castle gates.

They had a lovely show in the castle to demonstrate what life would have been like for those living in the castle during Henry II's time.  The children were unimpressed. 

Hanging out and waiting for me while I spent way too much time poking around!

The tunnels used during WWII were intense and held the headquarters as well as a fully functional underground hospital.  I had never really understood the true miracle of Dunkirk until we were in those tunnels for the tours.

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