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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Snowdon Mountain

Yr Wyddfa - Welsh for Snowdon Mountain

After three hours of hiking, we made the summit of Snowdon Mountain.  The view was a bit disappointing as you may notice.  As it was freezing cold, crazy wind, and snowing, the view was really the least of our worries.  You may also notice Hank's face...he is hiding it because he was freezing!

Soph and I sitting in front of Llyn Llydaw.  Llyn is the Welsh word for lake. 
Welsh is a pretty complicated language.
Starting out on our journey!

This is how Hank made it up the entire mountain.
He hardly walked more than a tenth of a mile.  Lazy boy.  To his credit, it was really cold and he doesn't really do well in the cold.  He preferred to sit on Daddy's shoulders and bury his face down in his jacket.  He even fell asleep about 3/4 of the way up this mountain.

Sophia was just opposite her brother.  She doesn't hardly even feel the cold and she powered up the mountain on he own two legs.  Even the super steep bits where there was not trail and one had to scramble up the rocks to the next part of the trail.  She was all over it. She was perfectly capable of picking out the footholds and handholds she would need to motor right up!  The Daddy carried her for maybe about a tenth of a mile total.  That child is amazing!  Whenever she got tired we told stories, sang songs, practiced counting to 100, or ate starbursts for energy. 
She had one little meltdown when the wind was blowing the snow/hail right into her face.  She got completely fed up and decided that she hated the mountain, hated the wind, hated snow, and hated Wales, etc.  That lasted about 5 minutes and off she went again.

This lake was about 1/4 of the way up the mountain.  gorgeous views.  Can't imagine how amazing it would have been if the weather had been nice.

wish Daisy had been there with us to climb it.

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