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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Poking Around Wales

Random photos from walking around the village at the foot of Mt. Snowdon.  As the poor kids had been in the car for five hours they desperately needed to stretch their legs.

Some ancient castle in the mountains.

The kids really enjoyed walking along the lake looking at the swans, ducks, etc.  Hank was particularly excited about throwing rocks in the water (not at the birds).

Poor Daddy got stuck carrying Sophia's tiny purple backpack.

Posing by the lake. Not sure about the lunge/pose from our little girl. 

The boy climbing along the stone fences. 

Sophia and a gorgeous background.  There were a few mama sheep and their babies in there at some point but they ran away.  Hank really really wanted to pet them and was confused and upset when they ran away.  We tried to explain that the sheep didn't know that he was a kind and gentle boy.  He went running towards them yelling at them about how he was such a nice boy he was.  The poor sheep either didn't understand or didn't care as they ran quickly away from him!

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