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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Her One Request

We had been living in hotels for over a month and it was beginning to take its toll on the Little Bean. Once we arrived in the USA and went over to my brother's house for a visit, Sophia whispered in my ear that she wanted to make "cakes" at Uncle B and Auntie K's house.  As we had some serious jet lag it took a few days to sort out the logistics and organize the cake baking operation.

I am not sure if making cakes was Soph's way of feeling as though she was in a bit more stable environment and one that was a bit more permanent or if it was just a passing whim of a five year old.  Whatever the answer it was a huge success and fun was had by all.

Auntie K is all about letting the children handle as much of the responsibility as they want to go for.  Sophia was super excited to be allowed to do the eggs.  This was until the third egg she cracked got all over her!  Despite the disgusting egg slime covering her hands and arms she remained excited about being allowed to handle this cake almost all on her own.
These two loafers had zero interest in the cake making excitement going on in the kitchen.  I think they were building a zoo for Nessie and a polar bear. 
This was obviously Sophia's favorite part.  She managed to get into her head that icing a cake as similar to drawing a picture and that she would be able to draw/ice all sorts of flowers and butterflies on her cake.  It was quite the disappointment when she realized it was not that easy. 

Stealing tastes of the icing.  You may also notice that a certain someone abandoned her zoo building efforts as well as her fellow builder as soon as the icing came out.  Here she is peeking around looking to see if she was invited to join in with the sweet work!

I love the concentration face on E with her tongue sticking out!

The finished product! I love the proud look on my baby's face!  She worked hard on her cake and even though it didn't have flowers and butterflies on it, it was beautiful!
 It may surprise you to know that Sophia is two years older than her cousin E, but not much taller!  It will NOT surprise you to know that as a child, my hair always looked just like Sophia's does in the photos; ratty and seemingly unbrushed.  I can assure you we brush our child's hair she just has the crazy wacko hair gene. brush it and two minutes later it is all crazy again! it can't be helped. 

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