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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Summer Fun

A little morning bouldering session to start us off.

Since we have now moved to a warm area we are spending loads of time outside.  The latest adventure was a trip to a little playground near our apartment where the children discovered the poor lizard/gecko shown below.

Hank describes this guy as his "lizard boy."
Since he is the one who caught him we are letting him name it as he wishes.

Soph was initially a little apprehensive and wanted to hold him on the tree star instead of in her hands. 

The lizard had other ideas as he climbed up her arm.  She was so brave and didn't squeal or act silly.

Hank loved his lizard boy, in a uncomfortable, don't climb on me, way.

You can see how hot it was by checking out Hank's super red face.  It is not a sunburn, it is just his being really really hot!!
The lizard/gecko made its way up onto Sophia's shoulder and hung out there for a while.  She was pretty excited that he chose her shoulder to perch on.
We do not have a photo of a very funny lizard situation.  The lizard bit Hank's finger.  It didn't hurt him or anything, but it was pretty funny to see the lizard hanging of the end of Hank's finger.  Don't worry, neither boy nor lizard were injured during the biting episode!

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