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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Working Beans

A wind storm blew through the area last night and knocked down part of my parents pear tree and since we are crazy gluttons for punishment we decided to cut it up and haul it off in 96 degree weather.

The kids are such hard workers! They piled up the small branches and help transport the bigger logs onto the wood pile.

Sophia and Pap drove the tractor. Pap even let her steer all the way down through the open field back to the tree to pick up a second load. As he is quite patient and the tractor was going very slowly he let her do all the steering including allowing her to drive in a massive circle until she managed to straighten the tractor back out again and drive in the proper direction. Because all dive year olds are allowed to steer tractors! Oh country life is the life for my hard working babies!

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