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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Working For a Living

No photos today. We Beans are way too busy working; working for a bicycle. We decided to take the advice of one of our genius friends and let the Little Bean earn her bicycle. As we are house/pet sitting for Nahla and Pap, Sophia has decided to take on the responsibilities of George (the bird), feeding the outdoor fish, and feeding the dogs. For all this work, she is being paid the very fair price of $2 per day, to be paid in the evening right before bedtime and only if all jobs have been completed. Our little motivator has earned $8 so far and was not at all deterred by the chart we made up showing how much she has compared to how much she needs. Hopefully, her hard work will continue. This morning she woke up, popped out of bed, opened the bird cage, lured the bird onto a chair, moved the chair away from the cage, pulled another chair over to the cage, retrieved the water dish, got new water, cleared out the debris in the cage, and then put it all back and let the bird go back to his cage. The funny thing is that her job really only consisted of opening the cage in the morning, the extra stuff she just made up and did on her own. Strange child. Just FYI, the extra work is not getting her any extra pay!! She has been doing this for four days. Hope it continues! Will have to think of other jobs once Nahla and Pap get home and we leave.


  1. good choice letting her earn the bike.
    sounds like she is a really hard worker.
    love you all.

  2. Oh before I get in trouble you should know what psychologists say about payment as motivation.

    People can come to view tasks they are paid for as chores, and can come to expect to be paid for them, even if previously they did them for free and enjoyed doing them, so be careful what you offer to pay for. Sounds like you are safe here as the tasks aren't something you expect her to do long term.