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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Fruits of Her Labor

After nearly a month of hard work our Little Bean saved up enough money to buy herself a brand new bicycle!

We obviously helped her a bit as she is only five and focusing on and working towards a long term goal is no easy task for such a little thing. Heck, it isn't even easy for many adults! We expected her to forget about her bicycle dreams and move on to something else, but she didn't.

I was really impressed with her tenacity and how hard she worked. She took taking care of George the bird very seriously....Emptying the dishwasher was apparently not so exciting. Last night I found all the clean silverware just tossed in the drawer all crazy. She was happy to redo it properly when asked but just couldn't muster the motivation to do it perfectly the first time like she did with her bird sitting.

Oh well. Everyone has different jobs they prefer.


  1. Good job Sophia the bike is very nice.
    love you all.
    Love, Aunt edie

  2. Well done Sophia, look how all your hard work has paid off and what a pretty bike. Have fun on it x