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Friday, July 13, 2012


Sophia asked if she could participate in karate rather than ballet. My heart swelled with pride and I said, YES!

We went for a trial run and she struggled a bit. She was nervous and didn't participate. In fact, she even ran crying into the Daddy's arms at one point. She eventually went back out with me and participated. By the end of the class she had made a little friend who literally pushed her up to participate on kicking the bag. If i had done that she would have gone loco, but since it was her new friend she just laughed and kicked the bag.

The next time we went she got her gee. That started out sketchy as well as she insisted it was not comfortable. After a little fit and a very kind lady who helped her get "comfy" in her gee all was well.

During warm ups she stood beside an older girl who was so sweet to help her out! Hank shouted out the japanese numbers in response as they did each set of movements. He tried to be quiet but was super excited and kept getting louder.

After the warm up drills they broke off into small groups. Sophia learned six types of blocks.

When the class was over she ran to my arms and yelled, "it was wonderful, mama!". Drama queen!

I know I am biased, but she is the most adorable little karate kid I have ever seen. The gee just pushes her over the edge of the cuteness scale!


  1. I don't think that you are biased. She IS the cutest karate kid ever!!! Adorable!! Love the photos and so glad that she is enjoying the lessons!!

  2. Yep...she is right off the cuteness scale!!!!