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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Kissing Frogs

The beans stayed up at my parents place for a couple of weeks to house sit while my parents were away. The kids love staying out in the country and running wild. They don't even mind all the work that is required to live in the country so long as they were allowed to stay up late and catch lightening bugs after.

The old kettle outside the wood house collects water and always has a couple resident frogs. Hank spent a lot of time up there watching the frogs and started catching them. We were all pretty impressed at his frog catching skills. He is only three.

He was even kind enough to let his sister hold some of his frogs. We tried to get Sophia to kiss one but she was having none of it. Hank was open to the idea but unsuccessful in freeing any princesses cursed by witches. Oh well, maybe next time.

In the country one can wear whatever they want. Sophia chose to wear the same red pants everyday despite the sweltering heat and added a pink pajama top to the outfit. Hank opted for shorts, temporary tattoos and mardi gras beads. He would sometimes throw on a witches hat and sometimes a cowboy hat depending on his mood. The frogs seemed unimpressed.

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