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Monday, December 31, 2012

Wisconsin Snow!!

We drove up to Wisconsin this week for the holidays. We were just in time to enjoy a nice snow. The children were so super excited. They woke up this morning excited to get outside and play in the snow.
Sophia was really excited to try our the snow cave her cousin had dug.
Hank enjoys the snow better from inside the house! He was so excited to get our there and then was done after just about ten minutes! He just doesn't care for the cold. (Rumor is that his father didn't like being cold when he was little either)
Sophia, on the other hand stayed our there even after everyone else came back in. My little snow angel.
Cashy-boy enjoyed the snow too but he didn't like it when his feet got cold and would take turns holding one up out if the snow at a time. The snow was up to his chest and he jumped around like a big, uncoordinated bunny rabbit. My sweet special pup.

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