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Monday, April 1, 2013

Afternoon Bike Ride

The temperatures are nearly perfect here at 70ish with a nice breeze.
We thought we should take advantage of such a nice day and spent a few hours outside.
Sophia is getting increasingly confident on her bicycle and can go longer and longer distances. Hank is super fast in his little strider bike but can't make the super long distances. He hops in the trailer after a few miles. Luckily his bike is small and fits in the trailer too.

Today we rode down to the river, went for a little hike and then did another four miles or so on a wooded trail. It was super fun and everyone had a great time. Hank is tired, Sophia is really tired and Cash is exhausted since he runs three miles for every one mile we go. He is currently sound asleep.

The photo of the puddle with yellow edges is a result of a recent rain shower and a whole lot of pollen.
The pile of brush is a nest we found. I thought rabbit, Sophia thinks large wild carnivorous creature. The Husband thinks we are both crazy.

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