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Saturday, April 13, 2013


We chose our new home based on the quiet neighborhood and the fact that the entire area was tucked away and surrounded by trees.  A few months after moving we looked out the back window and saw that a tractor had started cutting down the trees.  This was sad for many different reason, not the least of which was that our family enjoyed hiking in the wooded area that was being mowed down.

This is the current view out the back window.  It is much less pleasant, much less private, and much less quiet.  Soon a four lane highway will be replacing the dirt pit of a construction site.  I am sure this will make the whole thing even more unpleasant, reduce our privacy, and increase the noise.  So much for choosing a quiet, private, wooded neighborhood.  It would have been so lovely if the homeowners had informed us of the upcoming construction. But, they didn't.

This is our current view from our back porch.  Thank goodness the yard is fenced. 

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