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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Animal Rescuers

The Beany Family is always available to rescue animals in need. This Sunday afternoon was no different.
First on the list, a newborn fawn. While out for a walk Sophia was following the tracks of a couple of deer through the mud. We looked around the bend...and there was a doe. Sophia was pretty excited but then excitement changed to wonder, then concern, worry, and a number of other emotions as we stumbled upon a tiny newborn fawn off in the trees. We snapped a quick photo, let the children have a look (from a distance) and then left. Sophia was super worried but we assured her that as soon as we were out of the way the mama would come right back and take care of her baby. Hank wanted to bring the baby home and feed it with a bottle. We assured him that the mama would miss her baby.

Then later a neighbor found a turtle in the road. It was just a regular old turtle so we carefully picked it up, let the children check it out without getting their fingers nipped off, then returned it to the pond near our house. The kids insisted we stay around to watch it go safely into the water.

We are like the octonauts and Diego all mixed into one!

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