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Sunday, December 12, 2010


Grandpa came across the pond for a little visit!  We were all super excited and spent the week showing him around our host country.  I think he had a nice time and we certainly enjoyed his visit.  Hank even started saying "grandpa" it sounded a lot like "gurm-pa" but we knew what it meant.

 The photo above is of Grandpa and Soph in the castle ramparts!
 Hiking on the common with the fam.  We took a walk near Bovey Tracey and followed the river along to a super duper old medieval bridge (below)
 Soph is showing Grandpa why we like to wear wellies to the beach!
 Sir Frances Drake!
 The guards in the guard tower at Tentagel castle in Cornwall.
 The old medieval bridge noted above.  This bridge was used by pack horses to connect Lustleigh to the main road of Bovey Tracey for trade.
 Grandpa also got to see the port in Plymouth where the pilgrims set off for the New World!
Sophia, Daddy and Grandpa went up to Stonehenge.  Soph was pretty excited about having Grandpa visiting!

We took a little detour to see Tinturn Abbey.  Amazing!  We had originally planned to go see an old ruined village from the the 12th century.  We followed our little gps and pulled into the parking area that was SUPPOSED to lead to the ruins but we didn't exactly see any ruins.  What we did see was a broken down old bus, a bunch of trash, and an archery range.  The strange thing about the archery range was the targets.  They were not the standard round bulls eyes operations, but rather man shaped wearing helmets and dressed in American, English, French, and German flags.  We thought it was best to depart rather than walk around looking for the village ruins.

Walking up the approach to Chepstow castle in Wales.  SO amazing.  The main hall was built by the Normans no later than 1100 ad.  The arches, stonework, and decorations were still visible and absolutely gorgeous.  I think Grandpa was appropriately impressed. 

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